On Forgiving Christ Brown

It seems Rihanna has decided to forgive Christ Brown for the domestic violence incident that happened 3 years ago and WORK with him. Work being a key word here. As far as I know,  the tabloids say they are just working together NOT DATING.

This move has caused some people to say that she is sending the wrong message to her young fans.

I on the other hand applaud her for having the courage to forgive him and move on with her life. Her action in no way imply that she supports domestic violence. From a psychological stand point, it is important for her to let go of this incident. We are all aware of what happens to people when they hold on to things that happened in their past. It has a way of affecting their ability to communicate emotionally with the people in their present who had nothing to do with the bad events

Forgiving does not mean you have forgotten or did not learn anything from the incident.

How long do her fans what her to hold a grudge with Christ Brown over the incident? And who does this grudge  affect because from what I can see Mr Brown has move on from the incident and continues to be successful with his music career... Shouldn't she be allowed to do the same? Remember, they live in the same world and are bound to run into each other at events and etc...Do they want her to forever carry the banner of " I AM A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIM?

The only advice one could give anyone in this situation is while you forgive...thread carefully and do not put yourself in the same situation again. Learn and know the tell-tale signs of someone with anger management problems.

Sometimes the art of forgiveness has nothing to do with the person being forgiven but plays a bigger role in helping the victim have closure and be able to move on from the incident.

If she does pursue a romantic relationship with him again...this will be nothing but a testament of just how loco love has the ability to make us be....and i wish her + him all the best. We have to also give him the opportunity to prove himself..that he DID learn from his mistake and has Changed....if we have no intentions to forgive people and give them a second chance then WHY do we have rehab programs?

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