February 18, 2012

Health Care Volunteer Opportunity in Douala

Do you enjoy giving back to your community?…
This is a redundant question. I  strongly belief that it is our civic duty to give back to our communities in what ever capacity we can. Regardless of the talents and skills you have been blessed with, don’t forget to give back and help those less fortunate than you. Because believe me, there is always someone out there living in a far more worst condition than you are.
An organization called SPLASH NETWORK INTERNATIONAL is coordinating a volunteers program at the DOUALA GENERAL HOSPITAL. The program involves providing counseling and support to the hospital’s cancer and terminally ill patients.
The brains behind this organization ;Cyril Akonteh Fruh is a cancer survivor. May God continue to bless him and the success of their mission.
This is a great opportunity for students  or  recent graduates seeking employment to get some hands on experience. Employees, especially those in healthcare, like to see these on your resume. It shows your commitment and dedication to your community. Secondly, what better way to network with others in the health care industry? You never know who you might run into and how they may be of service to you in the future.
It is okay if you have no experience or skills because Splash Network International will conduct training sessions. In addition, allowance and transportation will be provided to participants.
Interested volunteers should contact
for additional information on how to apply.

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