This video is from CAMER.B and its about the Chinese presence in Cameroon. I was left with very  mixed feelings at the end of the video. However, after over 30 years of France's influence in Cameroon, there is nothing to show in terms of how Cameroon benefited from that union. France has done nothing but reap us of raw and valuable resources to fuel their own economies while leaving us in ruins. But I cant blame them alone for this, our failed leaders did not protect the interest of its citizens during that marriage.

Nothing is free when it comes to business, economics and politics. Yes, we may complain about the Chinese presence in Africa but in the short time they have been here, we have seen the construction of roads, hospitals and other infrastructures that those other WOLVES IN SHEEP clothing, feigning their intention to HELP have been unable to accomplish. Why have the chinese succeeded where others seems to have voluntary failed?

In the video  they say in a couple of years there will be no french Europeans in Cameroon anymore. Well good riddance! Its not like they contributed anything of value to us. For now i second the marriage between Cameroon and China...whether is it a fair union or least we see both parties getting something out of it...FOR NOW....However our government should have protocols in place for the slow transition over time of the Chinese out of the country at the end of this marriage...

I said i concur with the marriage, no one said anything about till death do us part...besides we will just be keeping up with the trend of the state of the sanctity of marriage in the world right now. According to the entertainment industry the best time to divorce a famous athlete/actor and etc is 10 years after the marriage. At the speed with which they are moving...i cant begin to imagine what the Chinese would accomplish in Africa in terms of real estates and development..if these union continues to be a peaceful one

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