Are You Doing Something- Part Deux Video Teaser

In honour of Cameroon 2012 youth week which is typically celebrated the week of February 11th, I blogged about the "Are you Doing Something" project initiated by Harambe Cameroon here

Following the events of Youth Week, Harambe Cameroon has been working on a video project showcasing 35 young Cameroonians who ARE DOING SOMETHING for their communities from all sectors be it business,politics, social activists, human rights activists,technology, health care, agriculture, fashion and the liberal arts, Youth projects, social innovators, problem-solvers and many more

Watch this Video and be Inspired. 

As John .F. Kennedy rightly put "... ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country

Starting  on March 15th 2012 - Daily videos will be released, showcasing each of the 35 young Cameroonian's perspective on their ongoing journey/effort to improve the image and lifestyle of the republic both at home and abroad through their individual contributions.

Be Inspired!

When was the last time you volunteered your time, talent or skills towards a good cause?

Mardi Gras 2012 Weekend shenanigans

Fat Tuesday/Mardi gras was during the week and since some of us responsible people have to work during week days, could not join in on the fun till the weekend. On Saturday morning, the initial plan was to show up early for check-in and pick up our wrist bands, beads, t-shirts and bar crawl schedules. But as we all know what happens to the best laid plans, I spent the morning lifting furniture that my parents out of the blue decided to purchase.
Eventually we made it to the check in station…not late..BUT by this time the line was ridiculously long, wrapped around the building with people standing/blocking a perfectly functional car street.
Also, the wind was blowing so hard it was propelling my fat frame around, causing my hair to look like medusa in the movie: The Scorpion King. I even had to take off my earrings for fear they will be bloodily yanked from my ears. Good thing I had opted to dress “down” and just pull the hair back instead of trying to 
spend hours straightening it.

When I tell people that the spirits of my ancestors are always with me Smile, they laugh. 

As soon as we FINALLY stepped into the check in building, Bell In Hands, it started snowing outside. Lord knows how much I hate any form of cold weather or component.if I was still out there I would have called it quits and gone home to watch some lifetime movies reruns. More courage to those faithful Bostonian drinkers who braved the snow and cold weather and stayed in line to get their wristbands.

Bell In Hands: The upstairs room had 2 section…we walked to the less crowded side and discovered some yummy hor d'oeuvre that was placed out for patrons but many had not discovered the buffet because they where busy dancing and what not on the other side of the bar.
McFaddens: The place was more packed than a sardine can. Even though all the discounted drinks where supposedly beers, the bar tender hooked us non-beer drinkers up to da boomdiggity dot com. Definitely see myself coming back here.

The Place: It had a bar and dance floor and they also had a dress code sign with your typical club line blocking rope thing at the entrance. I’m guessing the place also serves as a club at night? When we first walked in, our bar tender seemed to have a bad attitude. Then someone offered him a shot and within seconds his mood oscillated from angry black man to giddy, dancing while serving with tricks bar tender. Once again, Patron lived up to its name.
Hong Kong: Winner of the best music mix of the night for me. Tucked in a quiet alley not far away from Quincy market, it looked too small to be an entertainment spot from the outside. But once inside, we realized it was two stories and as usual headed upstairs to check out the scene. The 2nd floor has a descent size bar with a disco ball dance floor. We had so much fun we decided to quit the crawl and stay here for the rest of the evening.
At the end of the night on the way home, this wonderful train station employee wanted to take a picture with me. I hope he did not mistake me for a celebrity because as far as I know, there is no one out there I resemble. All black people do not look the same.He was so happy I couldn’t say No.

The Choice of Being a Single Parent

With the laissez-faire attitude of our generation towards monogamous relationships and the responsibilities that come with it, its no surprise that more women are open and comfortable with the idea of being single parents. As I am not a man, i cannot speak on their perspective on this issue.

Jessica Olien, a writer who wrote on the subject in Slate Magazine, has received some harsh criticism for her views. I find it ironic because there are single parents who are successfully raising their children, proving that it can be done. Difficult but possible. So what difference does it make whether the single parent had the choice or not? The concern should be whether they are skilled and have the resources to take on this role.

In her article titled " I Want To Be My Kid's Only Parent",  Jessica states that one of the main reasons she wants to be the only parent is to have complete control on how to raise her child.....control freak tendencies much? 

Regardless, she raises some important points

The reality is we do not live in the 18th century where men where gentlemen with honour and women had perfected the art of being ladies and housewives. In this 21st century, one doesn't need to look up the statistics  on marriages to know that our society has changed drastically on the value placed in this institution. 

Technology, decline in morality, the ability to instantly communicate with people across continents, sexual liberation and the media  have all become driving forces behind this phenomenon.

And lastly but not the least, credit most be given to the individuals who despite our best efforts to be selective of partners who share the same goals as we do, sometimes manage to fool us ,hence leading to unsuccessful relationships.

While it is not my first choice, I am open to the idea of being a single parent. The issue should not be about the number of parents a child has but whether that parent is responsible, able and willing to take on the task of being a good role model for the child, having their best interest at heart.There are many dysfunctional kids borne out of nuclear families as they are other modern family prototypes.

Yes, it will be more difficult without the help of a partner but it is definitely better than the nightmare that comes with sharing custody especially in situations where the parents cannot even manage to be "cordial" to one another. Ideally you want both parents involved but the task of chasing after someone to "demand" that they live up to their responsibilities just sounds very stressful and daunting to me. I cannot and would not be  bordered with such nuisance.

Yes, it is expensive to have a child. Which is why, like many others and unlike some people, have made the Choice to WAIT until I am financially, emotionally, psychologically capable of shouldering this  BIG responsibility. 

Secondly, this is why you go to school or learn a trade/skills that will allow you to earn an income so that you do not become dependent on anyone. You should not plan to live you're life based on the ability of someone else to take care of you, especially financially. Even if you intend to be a stay at home parent while your partner is the bread winner.

Having that education/skills is like having a first aid kit or a spare tire in your car. You cannot be naive and assume that your circumstance cannot change. The issue may not be a failed relationship. What if your partner loses their job? or becomes sick? This gives you the opportunity to become the breadwinner for your family.

Yes, I would prefer to raise a child with my significant other. But as we all know, you have no control over people's actions. We've all heard stories or know someone who's boyfriend/girlfriend has walked out of a relationship with no incline to maintain their parental responsibility. Where that to happen to me, I will gladly hold the door wide open for you to walk away. One of the reasons I work hard is to achieve financial freedom. Therefore if the above scenario plays out, I hope i will be in a position to not seek child support but in exchange request that the absentee  father legally forfeit their rights to the child so that I can be the sole parent. With 4 brothers and many other male relatives in my family, I would definitely not have an issue with providing exposure to a male role model if necessary.

Besides, nowadays there are many people who are single parents NOT BY CHOICE and they are not doing any worst in raising "normal" kids and those with "issues" as their nuclear counterparts. 

According to Jessica, most of the advantages stated for raising children in a nuclear setting have to do with the opportunities involved such as finance instead of the physical presence of both parents. Therefore, a candidate who is financially capable, works a regular shift with enough time to spend with the child  and has role models of the opposite gender to expose the child to, can sensibly choose to be a single parent and be successful at it as her mother was successful at raising her.

Healthy Apps for your Smart Phones

The office of the U.S.Surgeon General held a competition to identify important health related smart phone applications that would be beneficial to consumers. The categories for these applications included;

Fitness and Physical activity
Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Integrative Health

The apps where judged based on;
1. Innovativeness
3. Ability to generate and download personal data
4. Fun and creativity
5. Price = FREE FREE FREE  ^_^
And the winners are....

a. FITNESS I'm not surprised it won because as a member of the loseit community, i looooooove this app. It tells you how many calories are in food items from grocery store brands to restaurant menus. Including drinks!  Given that their headquarters is in Boston, I also had the pleasure to attend one of their very first meet ups which i blogged about last year but lost it to Google + along with my other posts since 2009 :(

b. GOOD GUIDE & FOODUCATE....for NUTRITION.I was not familiar with both apps until after the Surgeon General's publication and I can see why they won. They not only address food options but provided info on safer household items.

c.  Healthy Habits for INTERGRATIVE HEALTH. This application is great because it addresses habits outside of the fitness industry. A lot of people think that exercise is the only healthy habit they need to practice. Unfortunately they are many unhealthy habits(smoking, drug use, certain alcohol beverages and etc) outside the gym that are counter productive to all the hard work you put in during your exercises. However, there are also a lot of healthy habits that if followed properly, complement and even in some cases, boost the effects of exercise. This application provides you with these information such as dealing with stress,sleeping habits and etc.

Notable mentions included FIT FRIENDZY, MAP MY FITNESS, MAX PLATE & SHORT SEQUENCE: kids yoga

If you do not  have these apps on your phone, I highly advised you to download them....besides they are FREE-FREE-FREE. What's the worst that can happen? You earn up learning a thing or 2 about living a health-iER life style. And if you do not have a smart phone...check out Virgin Mobile. They have great prices for smart phones and affordable monthly plans as low as $25.00/month

On Forgiving Christ Brown

It seems Rihanna has decided to forgive Christ Brown for the domestic violence incident that happened 3 years ago and WORK with him. Work being a key word here. As far as I know,  the tabloids say they are just working together NOT DATING.

This move has caused some people to say that she is sending the wrong message to her young fans.

I on the other hand applaud her for having the courage to forgive him and move on with her life. Her action in no way imply that she supports domestic violence. From a psychological stand point, it is important for her to let go of this incident. We are all aware of what happens to people when they hold on to things that happened in their past. It has a way of affecting their ability to communicate emotionally with the people in their present who had nothing to do with the bad events

Forgiving does not mean you have forgotten or did not learn anything from the incident.

How long do her fans what her to hold a grudge with Christ Brown over the incident? And who does this grudge  affect because from what I can see Mr Brown has move on from the incident and continues to be successful with his music career... Shouldn't she be allowed to do the same? Remember, they live in the same world and are bound to run into each other at events and etc...Do they want her to forever carry the banner of " I AM A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIM?

The only advice one could give anyone in this situation is while you forgive...thread carefully and do not put yourself in the same situation again. Learn and know the tell-tale signs of someone with anger management problems.

Sometimes the art of forgiveness has nothing to do with the person being forgiven but plays a bigger role in helping the victim have closure and be able to move on from the incident.

If she does pursue a romantic relationship with him again...this will be nothing but a testament of just how loco love has the ability to make us be....and i wish her + him all the best. We have to also give him the opportunity to prove himself..that he DID learn from his mistake and has Changed....if we have no intentions to forgive people and give them a second chance then WHY do we have rehab programs?

Health Care Volunteer Opportunity in Douala

Do you enjoy giving back to your community?…
This is a redundant question. I  strongly belief that it is our civic duty to give back to our communities in what ever capacity we can. Regardless of the talents and skills you have been blessed with, don’t forget to give back and help those less fortunate than you. Because believe me, there is always someone out there living in a far more worst condition than you are.
An organization called SPLASH NETWORK INTERNATIONAL is coordinating a volunteers program at the DOUALA GENERAL HOSPITAL. The program involves providing counseling and support to the hospital’s cancer and terminally ill patients.
The brains behind this organization ;Cyril Akonteh Fruh is a cancer survivor. May God continue to bless him and the success of their mission.
This is a great opportunity for students  or  recent graduates seeking employment to get some hands on experience. Employees, especially those in healthcare, like to see these on your resume. It shows your commitment and dedication to your community. Secondly, what better way to network with others in the health care industry? You never know who you might run into and how they may be of service to you in the future.
It is okay if you have no experience or skills because Splash Network International will conduct training sessions. In addition, allowance and transportation will be provided to participants.
Interested volunteers should contact
for additional information on how to apply.

Strengthening Our Borders

Once again Boko Haram has gone mad, releasing about 200 criminals from a prison in Kogi State, Nigeria. I think Cameroon should be worried and make more efforts to strengthen our borders especially in the north.... The last thing we need is those lunatics crossing borders and causing havoc in our peaceful land.

I remember a couple of years ago, reading about Nigerien pirates who came in by boat to rob a local bank located in the coastal city of Limbe. How can our government allow these things to happened? Cameroon is not that big of a country and while they may feel detached and safe au centrale Yaounde, they need to take preventive measures to nip this in the butt before it gets out of hand.........

Smiling stiletto Soiree

I attended the red shoes soirĂ©e hosted by the lovely ladies of the smiling stiletto. The crowd and ambiance was great, the music on point and the hors d’oeuvre delicious. I can definitely see myself coming back to the VLORA for a proper sit down dinner.
123 4
The event consisted of a fashion show and a fun red carpet runway. At the end of the night, guests where invited to show off their shoes on the runway in a competition to crown the SEXIEST and SASSIEST shoes of the night. Unfortunately I don’t own a pair of red shoes so I showed up in my lacy brown booties from H&M
We each received a bag from the SPRINKLE LOVE organization who’s purpose is to raise money to treat sick children. They have an event coming up on Feb 23rd in which you get a chance to win a 2 night stay at a luxurious hotel! So check them out…especially those of you who are in loveSmile
Some of the guest where kind enough to let me take pictures of their shoes. As you can see, I wasn’t the only one not following the rules. Some came with their winter boots..hello its Boston winter…but where smart enough to bring a pair of red shoes in their bags…apparently my brain does not think on that level…I was too busy being worried about staying warm.
At least I stayed in spirit by rocking my red bag and  old faithful D&B watch
dDB watchefghjko
Rosemary Cucumber concoctionAll I can say is this Rosemary and Cucumber is my new favorite cocktail. We will not discuss how many I had that night.
shoestTrainwwinner of flirty shoe of the nightz

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