Saker Baptisit College Golden Jubilee *_*


50 YEARS AGO...on January 29th 1962, my alma matta opened its doors to 36 girls and today is the top ranking all girl's boarding school in the Republc of Cameroon. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Be it in academics, the arts or athletics, Saker girls have a reputation in excelling in all that we do. This same spirit of discipline, sisterhood, self reliance and hardwork ethics has followed must of us into our lives post-Saker.
My two favourite principals ever! My Hardy :)  &  BoBo who had the task of serving as daddy to hundreds of emotional girls

Going to Boarding school is an experience that leaves a lifetime impact on you. You are forced to confront your worst enemy :thyself
You quickly learn things about yourself you never knew; your weaknesses, strengths and that you have the resilience to stick it through the hard times. I think that it is the best way to prepare teens and young adults to face the jungle (the real world).I will forever be grateful to my parents for giving me this gift: the opportunity to become a SAKER GIRL :) and I hope sometime in the future I can show and giveback to the school that has given so much to all of us who have walked through its gates.

Saker Anthem
1.Beyond the Buea mountain
From westcoast earthquake strand
Where Cam’roon’s solid fountain
Laid down their golden sand.
... Along Victora’s Ambas Bay
Is found the Saker College
Where girls who seek for knowledge
Are all striving to reach.

 2. On the 29th of January in 1962
36 Cam’roon youngsters
Were led to Saker Hill.
Their nervous trepidation
Became a joyful thrill
In the hearts of those first-comers
A joy that warms them still.

 3. The Baptist Girls’ Secondary School
Was the first name for our school.
The West Cam’roon Christian College
Was the name that followed next.
Today Saker Baptist College
Is the name our college bears
For God’s Word to our Cameroon
Alfred Saker strove to bear.

 4. Geography and math’matics are subjects we employ
Domestic science and physics are others we enjoy
English Language and History
Music to praise the Lord;
Literature, Bible, Chemistry, French Language from abroad.

 5. With the help of God’s almighty hand
We’ll strive to face the world
For unity and sisterhood
We Saker students strive
Be we coastland, midland, upland
We Saker girls are one.
With the help of tutors through we’ll strive
And the battle will be won.
Salvation! Oh, Salvation!
SBC girls proclaim
For in our jubilation
All tribal rites disdain.

 Some of my CLASS OF 1996 mates:) in limbe,cameroon for the jubilee celebration

G96-UK edition represented and celebrated from abroad

Awww class of 2011..the freshmeat . So young so much to be learned down the road
Gangsters aka my elders. They started while i was just getting pooped out by ma mama

You cannot talk about SAKER without mentioning our ABLE & CAPABLE Mr Francis (cook), Mr Fawoh (handyman) & Mr Ekema (bursar)

And I?....was chez moi with an emo-meter oscillating from West to East celebrating solo, thinking its been 10 yrs since i left the school and stalking facebook for pictures on the 3 day weekend celebration wishing i was in cameroon in warm summer weather and not Boston. There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME amongst your people

Disclaimer:Clearly am in Boston not Limbe so ALL of the pics except for the last one...duh...where taken from friends' facebook pictures

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