Reflecting on my Birthday

I love that my birthday is in the beginning of the new year. Because not just am i reflecting on the new year but I am also reflecting on being another year older :/ and as usual, going through my goals to see if i achieved them all.

As much as I place emphasis on setting goals for myself...i never do them with reference to my age. Instead I make goals based on what i have going on at the moment and what I would love to do in the future.

So this year's birthday  felt weird for me.
I didn't know what to make of it.
It's the beginning of the new year.
I just recently moved to a new city.
I am not in school
I am working

 So what to do?

While in Atlanta for a relative's traditional wedding I started wondering......should i set age related goals? ...

-when to have a baby?
-try to maintain a serious relationship?
-marriage ?

    But then it hit me. 
I shy away from things are out of my control .Most of the above require the participation of another person   to be successful. I cant force anyone to love me. I cant be in a loveless relationship because of a "biological ticking time bomb" . I definitely cannot blackmail anyone into marrying me.

Yes I will love to have all those things but unlike career goals affairs of love and relationships have no mathematical formula.

So this year, I celebrated my birthday, not by thinking about what needed to be achieved but by simply being thankful that I have lived to see another year, another day.

Last year we lost too many young adults. Through accidents and sickness. Individuals in their early and mid twenties. Many of whom just graduated or where about to graduate and finally start on the path to living the life they had worked so hard to achieve.

Thinking about them  put things into perspective.

Irrespective of what i have done or not done so far in my least i have been given another chance while many have not.

My birthday wish for this year is to take advantage of this gift of life . To do whatever it IS that makes me Happy.

To stop wasting my time with relationships that do not add a + value to my life

Assalaam Alaikum 

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