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Q: Nana Mr.Kingdoms PokuAfrica ask yourself this…What happens when the resources are finished?

Ma reponse: 

my biggest fear is that once USA and europe is saturated..which 
they seem to be heading that way...africa is the new market...and my biggest 
fear is that..in the future..africa will become developed but too expensive for 
africans themselves due to treaties and contracts conducted by our selfish 
presidents that are not in favour of the commoners...

I see an increase in immigrations out of the 
continent while the wealthy westerners flock in , running away from their 
polluted and destroyed economies....

things are fine...we already see it now...atleast in cameroon I see it and in 
jamaica...when i visited...all the good places and neighborhoods have more 
foreigners than locals living in those areas...while the people continue to 
suffer...how can so much wealth and poverty coexist?

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