December 29, 2011

A time to Cleanse

Every year, from Thanksgiving holidays to the winter Christmas/New Year celebrations, I eat like a pig.No joke. My mouth does not discriminate. Living or dead. Healthy or unhealthy. My greed for food over the holidays is a seasonal weakness i have yet to master.

Therefor to restore everything back to balance, I do a cleanse to get rid of all those impurities. My only rule is to complete the minimum of 5 days fast before my birthday, January 18th. This year's challenge is the GMC 7 day diet of fruits and vegetables. I'm not going to go into the details as it is a very popular fast and if can Google it.

Today is day # 1. Mangoes, cherries, grapes and tons of water + lemons have been consumed in extremely LARGE quantities....

I think am indirectly trying to challenge their instructions that eating as much fruits as you want is okay. Much business have I brought to my local Stop & Shop's fruit/farmer's market who by the way i believe have ridiculously pricey fruits.. 

This is some healthy food 419 conspiracy for real.How can fruits and veggies be so darn expensive?!?  

Body wise, I can definitely already feel the food demons fighting back from within aka that "anonymous thanksgiving meat" used to make that party favorite meatball*

Every time I take a sip of my water + lemon drink...I feel a tingly sensation from my digestive system all the way down to my toes.

Let the hysteria begin.

For anyone starting a FAST, don't be an idiot like me and start it at the end of your holidays just when you are about to go back to work. If possible, do it while on vacation because some side effects include weakness and dizziness and this can be dangerous for individual's who's jobs include working with machines or require a high level of concentration.

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