December 27, 2011

Reflections of 2011

One of the things I love about maintaining a journal is the ability to look back at my life and access any growth or lack off.... ¯\(°_o)/¯ ...[hey, I never claimed to be perfect].....over the years

Since 2001 I have successfully maintained journals and planners. Yes, 10 years of my deepest secrets, pains, and wishfullthinkings.. ...Or maybe its because i have delusions of grandeur,  dreams of one day being so famous, my diaries will become a collector's expensive item upon my death. Or Even better, a national treasure.....Or better yet, I hope that someday in the future, they will be able to tell my story, when I am not present to do so. Whether it be to my siblings, parents, children, grandchildren, spouse, friends or strangers. They are the most authentic biography of my life since stepping foot in this country and my most priced possessions.

 Sometimes I take out the planners to trace back what I did on the same day but 4 years ago. The results are always interesting. According to my entries, I have lived quite an adventurous life and I can't see what 2012 has in store for me.

On a side note....the journal entries of my teenage years are "horrible" memories i want to forget. The teenage angst motif and melodramas gives Shakespeare's tragedies a run for their money. So much insecurity and struggle to understand my place in the world. A young African girl who wants to intergrate into the american school system but at the same time hold on to her African traditional values. I cannot help but cry every time I reread my high school entries about being bullied in school for my accent. Standing on a partially full school bus because no one wanted to sit with me. Kids would place book bags on the empty sits next to their chairs so i could not sit with them. Eating my lunch in the bathroom because i had no place in the cafeteria. Befriending the lonely white girl who cut herself because we were birds of the same feather and subsequently engaging in the behavior myself.

As much as we all know that movies have an element of fiction, some of the high school motifs you see such as the jocks, the popular kids, the bullies and those being bullied are real and present in american schools.


 How much I have grown and become successful, not just in personal growth, but emotionally and career wise.

Last year, in my  "Happy New Year 2011" blog post, I wrote about achieving the following in 2011

" graduate with my master’s degree…..4classes left!
- get a kick-ass better paying job….not that I am not grateful for the current one.
- meet my prince charming?
- travel to Cameroon"

Am happy and grateful to say the first 2 where successfully accomplished! One of my other goals was to move to Boston and I did  ^_^

I did meet prince charming in 2010 but I guess once a frog always a frog cause am back to being sleeping beauty

 My solo trip to Cameroon was postponed when my family decided on a group trip back home to honor the memory of my late grandmother. So I am going to Cameroon but instead of alone, I will be going with my mother and brothers! This is a huge celebration that takes time and planning but I hope by 2012 i would have bought my ticket for the trip.

For my 2012 LOOK BOOK
- Start the process of relocating out of the country. I already know what country i want to move to and i have been talking to job agencies and recruiters. I have always wanted to work outside the U.S and i hope i will be able to finalize all paper works visa....vaccines... background checks...and other job related requirements by the end of 2012...this country has some serious bureaucratic B.Ss if I've ever heard of one....

- Travel to South America and St Kitts to visit friends

- Treat myself to a spa retreat @  Martha's Vineyard.Hint* Hint* My birthday is coming up.

-Invest into my career development by joining professional organisations and  attending more sports medicine conferences for learning and networking purposes.

- Lastly...which is a lifetime goal..Keep working on my relationship with God. This is one relationship I cannot afford to mess up.

So with that said.....BooooNNEE AaaaaaNNNeeeeeee!!!!

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