New Cellulaire Company par Cherie Coco de moi

 Samuel Eto is launching a  new Communication/Telephone Network in Cameroon-Cameroon-Kamerun and its called Set' Mobile.

This will be the new company competing against the likes of ORANGE & MTN for customers. Rumor has it a lot of people are already ready to jump ship and join him. Bravo! because I know many are tired with the lack of quality phone services by both MTN and ORANGE. They can't loose by trying something new.

I am all for anything that brings business to Cameroon and increases investors's interests in the nation.

And then you have people like me..who regardless how good or the product is..I am sold and would jump ship and risk even drowning because of......

With that FACE & BODY, he could sell dog poop and people will still buy it!

Disclaimer: the pictures above are from, vanity fair and puma ad campaigns and all copyrights belong to them.

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