New anti-Gay Bill in Nigeria

Separation of Church and State

I thought the whole purpose of this idea was to serve as a check and balance between the rights of the people and freedom of religion.

Marriage is a religious act and from my understand, even when one marries in a church you still have to “sign” the legal documents to validate the union so the state can “recognize” you as a couple. I am against same sex marriages from a Christian (Bible) perspective but in support of same sex civil unions. Civil unions have more to do with state laws, rights and benefits and everyone, regardless of their sexualities should be entitled to those.

So I do not understand why some people believe same sex couples should not be entitled to these rights. It makes NO SENSE.

Even worst is the amount of persecution and brutality same sex couples face especially from religious fanatics. Let’s not forget a sin is a sin. The sin of homosexuality is no different from stealing, premarital sex, converting your neighbor's wife, drunkenness, murder, lying and the list goes on and on. As Christians, it is not our place to pick and choose which sins to highlight. There are more sins out there, borne out of hatred that we should be focusing our attentions on instead of homosexuality

Reports are that the US government responded with threats to withhold aid funds to Nigeria if the bill is not changed. I have mixed feelings about this tactic. On one side, it is exactly this same behavior that makes many hate western policies….the whole…”I will not help you unless you march to the beat of my drum” kind of attitude. On the other hand, how does one “pressure” the Nigerian government to end this form of discrimination?

As for those in favor of these atrocities in the name of upholding tradition and culture. To you I have this to say. There was a time not to long ago when women did not have rights but where treated as properties to be traded among men. The women did not have the right to vote, to go to school or hold any public office. This was and in some places continues to be " the African Culture”. I love my African heritage BUT I AM AGAINST any practices in violation of human rights such as;

- Child brides and Forced marriages

- Human Sacrifices

- Breast Ironing

- Genital Mutilation

- Religious persecutions….muslims vs.christains v.jew.vs etc

- Human Trafficking

- Sex with virgins because of the “belief” that it will cure one of HIV

- Any form of DISCRIMINATION be it race, gender or religion

and the list goes on and on……of atrocities that still go on today in the name of TRADITION & CULTURE.

Given that I am not currently on location in Nigeria, most of my knowledge about what is going on is base on reading news outlets such as Sahara Reporters, Reuters, BBC and CNN.

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