December 20, 2011

Gratitude Journal

In one of my recent midnight insomnia online adventures, I ran across a post about gratitude journals and their importance. The idea is that we are too focused on To do Lists, Short and Long term goals of things to be accomplished that we sometimes forget to stop and be thankful of the positive elements around us.

 Be thankful of the baby progress you have made. Be thankful of your accomplishments no matter how small. Be thankful of that near miss accident you walked away from. Be thankful of still having a job despite your lil "human" blunders. Be thankful of having a family or friends or a significant other...point is, be thankful there is someone out there who will call you out of concern if they go 24 hrs without hearing from you. 

Some people have to pay for love and affection.

So, instead of keeping a journal full of "woe is me" epic adventures of you juggling different life crises while maintaining your sanity and blood pressure, start a gratitude journal. 

You will be surprised by how many amazing and wonderful things have been happening in your lives, which you have let gone unrecognized.

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