Blog Share #13789 - We Still have each other

I just had to share this blog post from...'It's Delta's Blog"

After a sleepless and restless night, I got online to see what kind of trouble i could get into ^_^ and what do you know....i ran into this particular blog and it was so touching I spent all night reflecting on the message.

Here is an except from the post but i really encourage you to go read the whole thing.

And I remember the irritation I would feel when in the middle of a discussion about some latest catastrophe that had befallen us (Cholera outbreak or what-not) someone from the diaspora would butt in to air their views and have the ‘nerve’ to sound more upset than we were!
What right did they have, I thought at the time, what right did they have to care about what was going down in the country they had chosen to flee?

They are angry because they made huge personal sacrifices that have forever altered the course of their lives.

They are angry because they live in countries where they are treated as second class citizens, stripped of their dignity and forced to forget their glowing transcripts and dust-covered degrees and certificates to become lowly menial labourers.

They are angry because they have lost loved ones and not had the chance to say good bye or to bury them.

They are angry because they have fallen sick and gotten better without a single relative to nurse them back to health, because they have been hurt and they had no one to call out to in an alien land.

They are angry because they suffered too.

And they are angry because deep in their hearts they know that their suffering was needless; that the downward spiral our country took was avoidable and they are angry because they were forced to swallow their pride and work under the most appalling conditions; live under the most harsh terms and watch their lives hang in suspension for years as they apply and wait for papers and permits and residence statuses and indefinite leave to stay!

They are angry because they are now a disenfranchised group, because they have borne children here and because their lives are uprooted from where they come from.

They are angry because their identity has been threatened with the refusal to grant dual or multiple citizenship.

They are angry because they have worked shift-upon-shift and sent money back home to spouses, children, relatives or friends who took advantage and squandered what they sweated so painfully to earn......."

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