Miss Africa USA 2011 Recap

work outfit MAUSAAs I mentioned in my last post, I traveled to Silver Springs, MD for the Miss Africa USA pageant final competitions. It was an amazing experience and another great opportunity to network with individuals interested in everything AFRICA.  I should have made an attempt to blog my experiences and adventures every day because right now, thinking about the whole trip feels pretty overwhelming.

Some events where a repeat of my previous travels to DC.I ran into an acquaintance from the summer LA trip I take every year to California for the African Vibes magazine I WEAR AFRICA fashion show. It was so exciting and fun to see her again. 

I also went to a “maquis” which I had previously visited 4 years ago when I went to DC for my birthday and President Barack Obama’s inauguration ^_^ ! We had your typical Cameroon delicacies……Soya! and poisson brissee…..The fish looked so yummy I ate it, even though I typical do not eat fish. And of course the following day, I had an upset stomach.

There was a banquet formal night, an evening at the famous Abyssinia Ethiopian restaurant , a night out at Phassion Lounge and dinner hosted by Mrs Hope Sullivan Masters. I really liked the d├ęcor of the lounge and the vibe was great. The Dj (FLY)was on point but maybe my opinion is biased because he is a good friend from Atlanta who flew in to cover the pageant events. Mrs Hope was a wonderful host and I look forward to working with her foundation in the future.

check in table MAUSA 2011
working the check-in table on the night of the formal Banquette. I have to say, we have a long way to go as a community when it comes to proper code of conducts at a formal event. 
Rules are Rules people!

 rehersals MAUSA 2011
taking a break from rehearsals. 

Ethiopian dancers MAUSA 2011
Ethiopian cultural dancers. They were so entertaining!

gown shopping….
Shopping with some girl friends for  last minute formal attires. You know how we women are, you gotta have options!

Limo ride MAUSA 2011

Limo ride to Dinner Hosted by Mrs. Hope Suillivan Masters

MAUSA 2011 Final contestants
The 16 beautiful contestants

My good friend Linda looking FAB.com!

Mrs Hope Sullivan having a discussion with the girls, on their different platforms


****MISS CAMEROON!!!!!!!!!!****

I WAS SOOOOOOO PROUD OF HER. 1st time a Cameroonian has won.

All in all…it was a great trip and I am happy about the decision to go because the break away from Boston was HIGHLY NEEDED and over due.

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