Alliance against Violence part 2


Unfortunately I can’t post pictures and videos from the event due to lack of consent. Plus this was a family event with lots of little ones running around.
The turn out was wonderful. Over three hundred people showed up for the walk around the community. It kicked off with family members and friends speaking and lighting a candle for victims from last year up until 4 weeks ago.
It was so heartbreaking. I heard ages as young as 2yrs old!….High school aged kids and senior citizens. Some were killed on valentine’s day! by the same people who claimed to love them.
What really puzzled me was the young victims killed by their age mates.
Where those so much hate come from?
I understand someone older who has lived a life of bad experiences and all those events “brewing” in their mind. But for the young ones, who have barely lived….where does the murderous rage come from?
And the couple, who could not agree to disagree. Who couldn’t walk away. I wonder that the argument was about? What could you possibly be arguing about that you decide gunning down your partner is the solution?!
These are very strange times that we live in.

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