Watermelon with my magic bullet

Did you know that watermelon
 is over +90% water and just about 6% sugar?

So if you're like me... you don't mind drinking water but every now and then you want to spice things up, try making some simple watermelon juice.
I prefer it blended as a drink because I do not like the solid texture.

The simpler the better. Because for me, once you start adding more ingredients* to the recipe you're deviating from its natural taste* and nutritional value. 

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Have a great weekend!

Stay Hydrated!

Yoga Pose for Running: Uttanasana

Standing Forward Fold

Muscles Engaged:
1. Hip muscles 2. Hamstring muscles 3. Calf muscles

This pose takes away the pressure of standing upright from your neck.  Also some people find it relaxing because with your head below your heart, blood rushes to your brain. This sudden extra supply of oxygen has been known to reduce stress and anxiety.

I can see how it may seem uncomfortable when you're new to yoga and your ability to reach your ankles may be difficult or slightly uncomfortable. For me I find this stretch to be relaxing and ofcourse if you have any back pain or spine injuries please consult with your primary care before attempting this movement.

*Tip: You can also perform the forward fold sitting down.

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Running as movement therapy

“Start somewhere today. 

Don’t put it off. 

You can do something no matter how ‘small’ you think it is in terms of your long-term goal. 

Every step you take is one you’ll be thankful for when you get there. 

Remember: You’re lapping everyone who’s still on the couch”

_Caressa Sharp


June has ended with me on the floor of my good friend's living room, sipping ginger tea and wailing at the unproductive & fruitlessness of my life at the moment.

I am not meeting my life goals.
I am a corporate wellness consultant who is struggling with losing weight and working out.
Even though I have a graduate degree in my field, I'm having major imposter syndrome.
I am not putting to action my plan of action.
I mean what's the point of having a to do list and a game plan if you're not going to put it in practise?
I have YET to complete my vision board **Jesus take the wheel** lol

As I evaluate the first half of 2018 and all it's misfortunes, one ray of sunshine, one hope that I can hold on to is that, every day I am alive and healthy, is the gift of a second chance, a new beginning, an opportunity to Get Up & Try Again.

In November 2012, I wrote a blog post about Not Giving Up  . I have gone back and reread it as a gentle reminder for myself. 

So that't what I'm doing this July.

I'm getting back into running. 

I'm not going to be scrambling around trying to attend a bunch of fitness classes all month.

I am simply getting back just into walking & running.

And I also want to focus on running as therapy, nutrition for running and yoga for running. 

Everything about July will be an attempt to jump start my relationship with running.

The reason for starting here is because running has always been my confident booster. Each mile i can overcome pain to accomplish strengthens my mental muscles* and gives me the confidence that I can apply the same will power in my everyday life issues.

What are your goals for July? Besides barbecuing on july 4th?
Let me know in the comment sections below .

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