A not so quiet Summer (RECAP)

This is the first summer in a long time that I did not take an international trip on account of prioritizing my financial obligations.

I was thinking my summer will be quiet and uneventful but that wasn't the case.

Here are some of the things I got into over the summer proving that travelling locally can be equally as exciting as going abroad.

 I want to challenge myself to plan more trips around the New England States.

1. Read about my visit to Charleston , North Carolina here

2. Watching the Copa America finale with my friends in Atlanta, GA. Chi-chi-chi-le-le-le

3. Girls Weekend Gateway in Washington, DC

We were too busy eating and chatting up a storm we didn't do any significant sight seeing.

4. Summer loving in Boston: Taking Stock

5. A visit to the New England Zoo

6. Meeting Richard Bona and experiencing an Amazing Jazz concert at Scullers Jazz Club

7. Experiencing a quiet labor day holidays to wrap up the summer with a good friend

What adventures did you get into this summer? 
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The New England Zoo

I took a work related trip to the New England Zoo over the summer.

I never go to zoos because I hate seeing animals in cages. 

A lion belongs in the jungle and a flying bird the freedom to roam the skies.

And even worst than zoos (in my opinion) is the use of animals in circus acts.

 I believe in land conservancy and parks to preserve the extinction of the animal kingdom and plant life.

What are YOU doing to leave this planet a cleaner and safer environment for our future generations?

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Logging Runs with Nike+

Back in July I clocked in my 100th! run with NIKE plus.
Even though I split my runs between this app and others like Mapmyrun, and in some cases exclude indoor treadmill runs , I am still impressed with my accomplishment.

Apps that help you track exercise or food patterns are great for weight loss. The idea is not to be obsessive about it but to have an awareness of how much your're actually eating versus you're rate of physical activity.

I can say without a doubt that my weight loss was always very linear to my amounts of runs logged. Plus the extra competitive edge they provide when you compare your workouts to that of your friends is an added bonus.

When I started using fitness and nutrition apps, I didn't have any specific goals. I just wanted to test out the new technologies. Now I find that signing up for challenges created by members who use the apps and meeting them keeps me motivated to keep working out.

Right now I am 210 miles away from the Blue Level.
If I ran 12 miles a week for 4 months , I could make it to the Blue Level by December 31, 2016!

What apps are you using for accountability on your healthy lifestyle journey?