April 19, 2019

Taking Stock : Spring 2019

Hello! Friends, Spring is here and I can already 

sense the change in my demeanor has gone from 

gloomy to "light".

Today, I am taking stock, pausing and reflecting on what I've been

 up to lately. 

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Reading: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

 I love his late night show.

 And I am loving the book; especially his ability to talk about a 

difficult subject like apartheid in a healthy way without watering 

down the reality of the injustices that occurred on ALL* sides.

Making: Lists

To keep track of  my income and spending habits.

 2019 is all about personal financial literacy & debt management.


Seltzer water & other healthier alternates to alcohol.


 Chill Out Lounge Music all day long at home after a long day of 

work.  My favorite YouTube channel for this genre of music is called Chilled Cow


Too much energy on my not so pleasant life experiences instead of 

focusing on and celebrating my many victories.


I will stop repeating the same similar mistakes. 
Why can't I just get things right the first time around? 
Why do I have to go over the same experiences over and over and over again? 
When am I going to learn to get it right?


Impatiently for this season of life to be over. I'm over it.

But...I know am suppose to try & find something 

positive ( a lesson or a blessing) in each season.


The WORD* and how no matter how bad things get I can always 

find a passage that speaks to my situation. The Word gives me Hope and something to hold on to and stand on during difficult times.

Also loving EBA!!!!!!!!

Enjoyed a great plate while in Atlanta in March. Eba! for the win


That I get to one day see and enjoy the fruits of my current labour*


Help as I try to improve in personal development, spirituality and work towards becoming debt free. I have so 
much to learn and I am seeking out mentors, coaches, therapists,
accountability partners etc. The whole 9 Yard.


Opportunities to grow in my Leadership skills and signing up for 

the opportunities despite feeling anxious and unqualified.


Overwhelmed. Period


Up and giving myself permission to be vulnerable to my inner 

circle of friends.

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