Hitting the Reset Button : Taking Stock of February 2017

Life is funny.

I had this ambitious idea like everyone else to hit the ground running at the beginning of the new year. 

Don't have outlandish goals but all the same have a list of top three things you really want to tackle.

1. Blog more ( 4 posts a month, once a week) fail

2.  Be more conscious about your healthy living choices (leave it as a broad idea with/out too much pressure on accountability) and include things like making time to date.  fail

3.  Make career focused decisions, learn new skills of my trade 

Looking back on January and part of February, I can't seem to put my hand on anything tangible I have accomplished so far. 
But I've been busy working, to the point of exhaustion.
Living out of hotel rooms and not exactly making the best food choices while on the road.

And now I find myself wondering if am just "being busy" or authentically being productive?

I want a do-over and the great thing about that is, everyday is an opportunity to start over. To start afresh. To put your mistakes behind you, take the lessons learned and move forward.
That's where I am almost 2 months into this year.
I want to reset and relaunch๐Ÿš€ and that's OKAY.
And even when mistakes are not made, if you try and fail its okay to try again. There are no life rules or penalties against restarts.

I know some will argue that 6 weeks is not enough time to judge your progress but I believe it's relative to the standard you've set for your goals & deadlines. I do think for me, between the election results and the Falcons losing the Superbowl and a whole bunch of other emotional social distractions in between like the civil unrest in my home country, Cameroon, I've allowed it all to suck me dry of motivation or the will to be productive. Now am so over it, and ready to get back my visions and dreams.

I've kept busy so I don't have to sit down and "think"

(I attended the Boston Women's March)

Where are you mentality? and How is that working out for you? 
Send me a tweet and let's chat @mapetiteniche 

3 Top Apps and Fitness Trends for 2017

This is more of a list of the ones I am curious about , don't own the devices and will like to test them out this year.

1. Aqua Exercises

I know it was popular back in 2013 and 2014 but is it making a comeback? I have yet to take a class but hopefully I can find a health club in Boston that offers classes like hydro spinning and etc

Also, not related but I will like to sign up for a soul cycle class someday!

2. Wearable Technology
I think am more interested in apparels like the sports bra [OMSignal] that monitors your heart rate as oppose to gadgets. I still don't see the point of owning a smart watch, if you already own a smartphone, a smart tablet and a smart desktop 
[which is my current situation]

Perhaps if I did not already own a smartphone and tablet, splurging on a smartwatch will make sense. But since I am with my phone 24/7 and have access to the apps on my phone, i don't see the point of a watch that does the same thing!

I am curious though, 
how will you keep the tech apparels clean?
Special dry cleaning instructions?

Right now, what am seeing from companies like Athos and Lumos are little tracking devices that you insert into their company apparels that have been designed to have a fitting pocket for the tracker. Now that tracking devices have graduated from belts your strap across your chest to monitor heart rate to micro chips , it will be interesting to see the evolution of design to the point where we can just insert them into our skin. 
Think about it, how will that be any different from the birth control arm implant? With the except of being able to transfer signals/frequency to say, a cell phone app.

3. Workout Reward Programs
There's a new trend of workout reward programs being developed to sort of motivate people into staying fit. Some of the programs/apps I will like to test out are Charity Miles since I already run weekly. It will be nice to raise money for non profit organizations while doing what's nothing short of beneficial for your health.

And to make money 
[ who doesn't want a side opportunity to earn "fun" cash] 
I will like to try out Diet Bet, Gym Pact and Healthy Wage. This will be a good way to earn money for all those trendy races registration fees that are getting more and more expensive. 
I thought running was suppose to be the cheapest sport in the industry.

What new trends are you excited to test out in 2017?
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! to you and your families

I honestly had this plan to share something inspirational, to impart you with a positive message of love, kindness, gratitude, generosity and just the art of being an awesome human being in general.

But truth be told this message is being currently preached and regurgitated over and over and over again that i'll be surprise if you haven't heard a version of it before. Today's Christmas was honestly like a regular day for me. I didn't do anything I wouldn't have typically done on a lazy Sunday with no work lol.

I worked out. Did some runs around the fields and also some stairs workouts.
 I ate. Some good food/some bad food .
 Drank some coffee and basically lounged all day.
 I swear in another lifetime I am a cat because I have perfected the art of solo lounging at home.

If I must impart some type of wisdom it will be this 2 things

1. Buy a gratitude journal and everyday find something positive about life to be thankful for and write it down. I had one for 2016 and I can definitely say am a much happy optimistic passionate about life person that I was in previous years

2. Don't wait for the new year to start a new you. It begins today. The past is gone. Today is here and tomorrow is NOT GUARANTEED. So live today. Enjoy today. Appreciate today. Start working on those goals today. New Now, You Now.

Last year between thanksgiving and the new year I was literary in a different city every week partying it up, and it was fun while it lasted. This year we're ending the year on a different note. At home, chilling with some good wine, except for the NYE party in which case I intend to be scandalous lol.

Here's a link to my 2015 holidays post

Cheers & Bonne Santรฉ 

Book Review: HomeGoing by Yaa Gyasi

If you're looking for a Hollywood blockbuster story line , with a somewhat happy ending despite the sad reality of slavery, this is not the novel for you. This book is raw. It does not sugar coat the slave experience or how expendable their lives where.

I took me more than a month to read this book because it was emotionally tough to get through the chapters. I had to put it down several times and walk away from it but I think that's the whole point. That this was a horrible time in american history and not some far fetched horror movie.
If you have any compassion in you, it's suppose to make you feel that sad.

Even though on one end it's a work of fiction, it is still a very fair depiction of what the slaves went through. Somewhere in America, someone's great grand relatives went through this and this may as well have been their biography.
This story has no happy ending and in reality when you look at the black american experience today and what's going on the African continent, there is still no happy ending for both .

One continent is still struggling with the aftermaths of colonialism while African Americans are still struggling as a community to rebuild/heal from the lingering psychological scars left behind by slavery. And in all fairness, it's hard to do that when the world refuses to acknowledge that this scars exists or assumes there is some sort of deadline on when the healing process is suppose to end. 

Some psychological wounds, you never completely heal from, no matter the amount of therapy you go through. The horror of the experience lingers with you for the rest of your life and the same can be said for the black american experience.

On a positive note if any, this book left me hopeless for america and hopeful for our Continent. We all need to go back home and make Africa great again!